Monday, December 2, 2013

Spilt milk - we are headed in the right direction!

An athlete I work with had a great result on the weekend (podium); unfortunately due to an equipment rule this athlete was disqualified. 

The infraction was a fraction of a millimeter (0.14 mm), but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Outside the rules is outside the rules.

So what to do? The performance was great, so be happy for that and see that this mistake never happens again. 

My last blog was about the support team, focusing on physio assistance. This blog is not about the technical support. 

This post is about accepting mistakes, being happy that the performance was great and moving on. 

This is an Olympic season; there are big goals in our sights. This was a small step in a long journey.

This past weekend showed us that things are coming together, that the podium is realistic. Perfect. 

Shake it off, focus on a great performance, be grateful for a fantastic service team that has got you on the podium in the past, and will get you there again! 

Now let’s do it again!

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